I Take My Job Seriously

Friday, April 23, 2010

This morning I spent some time looking at a health supplement product line that I have heard wonderful things about. It's a little pricier than most of what I normally offer, but if it was as good as "they" say, I would consider offering it in the store.

One of the standard things I do when researching new products is to look at the ingredients. Over the years I have been really disappointed to see how many supposed "health and wellness" companies are clearly misinformed about true health, or just don't seem to really care. One company I knew about awhile back sold food products with aluminum in their stuff. Yuck!

Well, the company I looked at today had one product that looks great. But then I started checking on the ingredients for their other stuff. I found skin care products that I would not be willing to use because of carcinogenic ingredients, "health supplements" that contained various forms of MSG, and weight loss products that have forms of MSG. :( In short, I was extremely disappointed, and this company will not be getting my business, nor will I be recommending them to you.

Unfortunately, it seems that companies that are truly health-conscious are hard to come by. Miessence Organics is one that I have thus far been very pleased with. Their ingredients are consistently excellent, the products work very well, and every other aspect of the business that I know of has been consistent in representing their earth-friendly, health-conscious philosophy.

I take it seriously that my shop is recommending products to you and your family. Certainly I do not know everything health-wise, but I am always learning and always keeping my radar up in order to not only provide products that I can recommend to you, but ones that I'm willing to give to my own family.

If you ever notice ingredients in any product that you are concerned about, please email me at supermom (at) supermomshealthandwellness.com and let me know about your concerns. I take my job seriously and want to continue to provide only the safest, most effective, and affordable products I can find.