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 "I know I should be eating healthier, but I don't know where to begin!"

"A healthier diet would be nice, but my husband and kids will never go for it."

"Healthy food doesn't taste good."

Have you ever had any of these thoughts? Many people do! Incorporating healthful habits is important for all of us, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, all the while wondering whether or not we're going to like the taste.

In my first book, I share my philosophy of taking realistic baby steps toward your healthy eating goals, rather than burning yourself out on extreme health plans.

This first book in Supermom's Healthier Eating series includes information and ideas for healthier

-ingredients and principles for healthier eating

Plus many recipes to help you eat healthier without a hassle!

You will enjoy my family-favorite recipes such as

-Supermom's Healthy Lemonade that tastes GREAT even though it has NO sugar!

-Whole Wheat Pancakes and Waffles that are ready in a jiffy

-Quick and Easy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

-Fun and tempting ways to serve fresh fruits and vegetables that will even have your kids clamoring for more

-Simple and delicious recipes for beans that any family will love!

-A scrumptious fat-free alternative to canned cream soups that will knock your socks off!

-and LOTS more!

This 82 page ebook will give you a great starting point for establishing healthier eating habits that you and your family can maintain for the long run.

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In the second book in my Simple Guide series, I share my secrets to making delicious salads without a lot of fuss.

You'll love my quick-and-easy approach to making salads available to your family all week long, and my healthy and fabulous recipes for

-healthy salad dressing that you'll love
-Groovy Guacamole
-Salad Sidekick
-Super Seasoned Seeds and Nuts
PLUS information on
-the best inexpensive food processor on the market
-How to wash your veggies for optimal safety (you'll be surprised!)
-Organic produce: Is it worth it?
And MORE! 

23 pages

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Nobody needs 101 zucchini recipes to wade through. You know you’d only end up wasting a ton of time and ingredients in search of a few decent ones that you’d actually want to have again.
Over the years my family has grown zucchini in our garden over and over again, and it’s always the same:  After a few hot days in June or July, every flat surface of the house is covered with zucchini, and other than zucchini bread, I have no idea what else to do with it.
Sure, I’ve tried a few recipes here and there, but usually my kids didn’t like it, and it felt like a waste.  Are there any *good* recipes for zucchini out there?
Well, one year I decided to find out.  My mission:  Develop just ten *really good* and healthy recipes. And they couldn’t all be variations of zucchini bread.
My test kitchen was fired up for most of June and July.  It was *much* harder than I expected!  Eventually persistence prevailed and I found ten that I am really pleased with.
This collection includes great zucchini recipes for lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts!  We have a fabulous soup, a knock-your-socks-off grilled sandwich (it’s true!), a yummy casserole, two great cookie recipes, a chocolate cake recipe that will soothe your chocolate cravings without compromising your health goals, as well as one delicious zucchini bread recipe and a couple muffin recipes, and more.  I also share my best tips on freezing your abundant supply of zucchini so that you can enjoy it year-round!
Better yet:  every recipe is healthified!  For the baked goods you will be using whole wheat flour and nutritious and delicious coconut sugar.  (It’s not weird.  You’ll love it.  I promise.)  Every recipe is vegetarian-friendly.  All of these recipes use healthy, natural ingredients  that will do your body good.
This is the ebook that will make you look forward to zucchini season and enjoy using it all year long!  Available for instant download.

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This book got started when my friend Gina asked for help coming up with some easy-to-prepare and *generally* healthy recipes that she and her family would enjoy, while she adjusted to life with a new baby and going back to work. Since she needed the help, I scoured through my personal recipe collection for the tried-and-true favorites that are easy enough for people like me: Folks that like to work smarter–not harder! (and women with kids and husbands who like to eat, too!) After I gave Gina her copy, I did some tweaks and decided to make the book available for you all as well.
Now, I will warn you that not every recipe in this book is *super perfect healthy.* Some of these recipes include meat, cheese, and pasta, but do NOT include sugar, MSG, or BPA. I think that for most of my readers, this collection will strike a nice balance between real food, healthy food, quick food, easy food, affordable food, and yummy food. :)
The ebook includes:
-some of my best tips for saving time in the kitchen, including storage tips, make-ahead ideas, and favorite kitchen tools
-ten of our favorite crock pot recipes (And NOT the kind that makes you cook a bunch of stuff before you can put it in the crock pot, either! No way–these are drop-and-go recipes all the way!)
-ten more recipes for casseroles, entrees, skillet meals, sauces, and freezer meals
If you are a mom that is looking for ways to simplify mealtimes, save some money, use up leftovers, and have more time for other things, all without resorting to processed food or eating out, you will love this book!
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