Supermom's Sugar-Busters Starting Now!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We've talked about it.

Some of you have emailed me about it.

I've been thinking about it.

Today I decided:  It's time to do this thing!

Supermom's Sugar-Busters is forming now and we will officially kick-off our mission to get off of sugar on May 1.

Here's how it will work:

We'll hang out together on our facebook group, Supermom's Sugar-Busters.  There we will plan ahead and prepare so that we will be ready to have more success as we transition away from sugar.  Each member of the group can contribute recipes, tips, links to helpful stuff, etc.  We are all in this together!  I will be getting off of sugar (again!) right along with you.  

Possibilities include:
-- group calls where we can talk about what is/isn't working for us, and brainstorm about ways to overcome any difficulties you are facing and to experience greater success in reaching your goals

--private Super Speedy Coaching Calls with me, where I can spend 10 minutes talking to you on the phone, to help you with specific needs

We will be flexible and open to other ideas that the group generates and feels a need for!

Who can join us?

Anybody that gets the newsletter, reads the blog, or follows us on facebook is invited!  If you have a close friend or family member that you want to invite, feel free to do so.  After that, let's wait and see how many people we get.  Since this is our first time around, I'd like to start small(ish) and see what develops and see how I can improve the experience before adding tons of people.  So, yes, you can tell some people, but don't invite all of your facebook friends and twitter followers.  OK?  :)

What is the goal?

Well, our goal is to stop eating sugar.  Each person is going to have their own ideas and needs for how strict they will be, AND THAT IS OK WITH ME!  So, if you want to get off sugar, but still plan to indulge in birthday cake every so often, THAT'S OK.  If you want to get 100% away from sugar 100% of the time, THAT'S OK TOO!  I am not the sugar police, and nobody knows better than me the ups and downs that life brings and the way that our food and health goals flex accordingly.  So, if you think this group can help you, come on and join us!

How much does it cost?

No monetary cost!  I do ask that if you join the group you plan to make an effort to contribute to the group as best you are able.  If you have any experience with kicking the sugar habit, or if you have great links/articles/recipes to share, we want to hear from you! Or you may not know anything about getting off of sugar and may feel like a total novice, but at least you are able to encourage others toward their goals--That counts too!  Again, I'm not policing your involvement.  I'm just asking that we create a group that will support and encourage one another, because that will be way better than one "expert" talking at everybody, and I want this to be really helpful for all of us.

What you need to do:

Request to join our private facebook group here.  If there's an option to send a note with your request, let me know you got this newsletter.  If you invite a friend, ask them to let me know that you invited them.  That's all!

From there, just stay up-to-date with the Facebook group and you'll know everything that's going on.  OK?

What if I'm not on Facebook? 

Now is the time for you to join Facebook if you are not already on there.  I find that for most people, Facebook is something they are already keeping up with both on their computers and their phones.  By having our group hub on Facebook we are making it simple, there is no special system to learn or log in to, and if you have a smartphone, the group support and resources are only a tap away!  

You can start joining the group right now We will be sharing recipes and ideas to get set up to kick sugar starting May 1.  (and yes, if you already started or are starting later, you can still jump in!)

Let's do this thing!