Deal of the Week: Miracle Salve

Thursday, July 28, 2011

After using Miracle Salve on my family for almost a year now, I am confident that it will be a blessing to yours!

This is a wonderful product for minor scrapes, burns, cuts, stings, bites, sores, rashes, eczema, dry skin, and more. At our house it is the go-to remedy for every skin-related issue that arises. I appreciate it that this one product can do so much, instead of needing to purchase many different items for specific ailments. My children appreciate that it does not have a strong scent like some herbal skin salves do. :)

The coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are moisturizing, and soothe and heal rashes and scrapes. Coconut oil is especially helpful for eczema and other skin rashes caused by yeast overgrowth. Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer because it manages to allow your skin to still do all of it's normal things (sweat, shed dead skin cells, release sebum) even though it is moisturizing as well. The antioxidant properties of olive oil make it additionally beneficial to your body as well.

The beeswax gives the salve a good consistency even in the hot summer months, and it provides a protective barrier as your skin heals.

Plantain is a wonderful herb that is effective for all types of stings and bites from insects.

Comfrey is especially suited to healing cuts and scrapes. It is also an astringent that soothes and helps calm inflammation and bruising.

Propolis is another excellent ingredient that helps with abrasions, gum infections, eczema, acne, skin cancers, bruises, and burns.

Lavender essential oil is emotionally calming, plus hastens the healing of burns and minor cuts.

Rosemary essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is soothing to sore muscles.

Although this wonderful salve can do so many things, it manages to last a really long time. The two-ounce size is great for keeping in the diaper bag, back pack, or purse, for all of those small injuries that happen away from home. The 4 ounce size is perfect for everyday use at home.

Normally the 2 ounce size is $15 and the 4 ounce size is $25, but this week you can get them for just $11.80 and $19.69! Sale price through next Wednesday, August 3.

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