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Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's been about a year since I started using Thrive brand freeze-dried foods from a company called Shelf Reliance.  My good friend Marla had told me about how convenient the products were, how great it was that the fruits and veggies didn't have any additional weird ingredients in them, how happy she was with the quality, and how much time and money she was saving with them as well.  All of that has turned out to be true for us as well, and because of that I plan to start regularly telling you about the products, sharing recipes, and so on.  I'm hoping to have a regular Thrive Thursday post for you so you can learn more about these great products!

Right now I just want to tell you about two important news items:

July is featuring an awesome deal for hostesses.  If you host a party with at least $100 in sales, hostesses can get 50% off one item, up to a $500 item!  This is *in addition* to the other hostess benefits.  This is an awesome opportunity to get a big item (like a shelving system or one of the big packs of food or survival gear) at a great price.

Obviously I probably do not live in your neighborhood, so we can't do a home party, per se.  But you can place an order of your own, or collect orders from a couple of your friends, I can help you qualify to get this benefit.  You actually have until a few days into August to close out the orders, so if you are feeling too rushed, don't worry.  Shoot me an email or text me and we can help set you up to take advantage of this mighty fine deal.  :) or 859-339-9417 for texting 9am-9pm Eastern time.

July sales specials can be found here.  You need to contact me right away to order and take advantage of these items.  August specials are coming up very soon, so stay tuned this week to hear about those!

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