One Day Sale Starts NOW! (October 1)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

So this past week's sale has gone so well that I sold out of all of the Berry Well that I had in stock, so now I'll be getting more in stock, probably by the end of the week.  As I was thinking about what to offer for sale next week, including a NEW PRODUCT, I knew what I needed to do:
Since there is already a bit of a wait for the new shipment of Berry Well, I can give you one more day to take advantage of that great sale price PLUS get to take advantage of a bunch of other sale items on Monday October 1, only!  Due to the week I have going on and the wait on new stock, most orders probably will not ship until Friday or next Monday, so this is really for those of you that have some flexibility on when your order arrives.  Unlike my usual habit of personally emailing you if there will be a delay on shipping your order, just know that there will be, but nothing too extreme.  :)  If your weeks fly by as fast as mine do, you will be into next week and opening your box of goodies from Supermom before you have time to think about it!
Here are the sale items that you can order til Monday, October 1 at 9pm Eastern time:
NEW!  Liquid B-12 vitamins!  This is something I have been eagerly awaiting and am so excited to be able to offer to you.  Wonderful for your brain, your heart, and YES indeedy--your ENERGY levels!  Oh how I love B-12, and you will too!  Introductory special priceMonday only.
Vitex with Dong Quai:  Your husband will appreciate it when you regularly take your Vitex!  PMS will cease to cause you to feel the extreme grouchiness and other miserable (for you and everybody else!) symptoms that plague so many women.  Stock up now before you go another cycle without it.  
Superkids Liquid Multivitamins--now in glass bottles!  We love these yummy-tasting vitamins for kids.  They are full of all the good stuff you want in a multi-vitamin, but without all of the junk (aspartame, corn syrup, sugar, MSG...) that are found in so many other types. Stock up price Monday only--just $15.99 per bottle!
Supermom vitamins are on sale too!  Both the 180 tabs and the 240 vcaps have had a price increase at the supplier level, so later this week both of those prices will have to be adjusted in our store.  The 240 vcaps are available here for our usual price of $33 until later in the week when we have to set the regular price at $36.00.  Get the 180 tabs on sale for just $28.50 Monday only.  Regular price will be increasing to $39.50 later this week.  Be sure to click here for the Supermom 180 tabs.
And of course don't forget the Berry Well!  You can still order it at the sale price on Monday as well.  
We still have some Sweet Leaf Stevia on clearance, so add some of those items into your order as well. 
I hope you enjoy this One Day Sale! 

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