Raw Almonds and more

Friday, October 12, 2012

For the past few years I have made raw almonds, walnuts, and cashews available through the store, and many of you have enjoyed being able to get good prices on these items without having to buy a huge amount at once.  However, it seems that every year I run into problems with the supplier being able to provide the products in a timely manner, some orders end up waiting for months on end, and it becomes chaotic in my home trying to divide up a thousand pounds of products and ship out huge, heavy boxes of these items.  Due to these issues and the current needs of my own family, I have decided not to offer the raw nuts through my store this year.   I would, however, like to point you in the direction of the best place I know for you to get raw nuts and many other high-quality items that will support your family's health goals into the new year.  Click on over to Green Smoothie Girl's big Group Buy and see what she has to offer.  I think you will be impressed.

Yes, the minimum amounts for some of the products may be a lot.  Consider teaming up with your local friends and family members to see if anyone wants to split an order with you!  You may find that you can get really good prices on a manageable amount of pantry goods this way.  :)

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