Supermom's Synergy Circle

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The interaction of elements that when combined 
produce a total effect that is greater 
than the sum of the individual elements." 

Since 2008 I've been working with so many people, helping them learn how to eat healthier without going broke, without eating weird stuff, and without going to extremes.  It's been great, but my class members would often tell me that they want even more support and continuing help so that they could keep working toward their goals.  
As a busy wife and homeschooling mom myself, I have wanted to offer more, but wasn't sure what I could do that could give my class members more without stretching myself too thin.  I've tossed around many ideas, gotten feedback from many past class members, and finally have what I think is going to be an absolutely fabulous resource for you.

I call it Supermom's Synergy Circle.  Synergy is defined as "the interaction of elements, that when combined, product a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements."  That is exactly what I have created for you here:  Multiple elements to the group that will all work together to give you MORE education, MORE support, MORE coaching, MORE inspiration and ideas, MORE accountability, MORE motivation, MORE community, and MORE benefits than ever before.

Doesn't that sound exciting?!  You can listen to me tell about the program here:

OK, so let me tell you what's included:

1.  You get my 12-week long online class to get you going with the knowledge and practical tips that will get you up and running.

2.  You get all four of my healthy eating ebooks, so you'll have a lot of great recipes and ideas right away to start with.

3.  You can participate in two group coaching calls a month so that you can ask your questions and benefit from hearing how others in the group are doing things. The days and times will vary, depending on the need of the group, and in order to help as many members as possible.  These will be recorded, so even if you can't be there live every time, you can still listen and benefit from the session. 

4.  You can take advantage of Super Speedy Coaching Calls at least twice a month as well.  Super Speedy Coaching is a quick 10-minute long one-on-one phone session with me available to focus on helping you with your specific needs.  This quick style works great for all of us that are so busy and just have a quick question or two for the moment.  I'll have at least two hours blocked out per month when members can call me for personalized coaching.

5.  You can join our private community area on facebook.  Here we will hang out as a group, share and discuss articles and recipes, encourage one another, tell what's working for you, and make new friends that are also working toward eating and living healthier.  I'll be there regularly (probably at least a couple times each day) and will be available to answer questions there as well.  ALSO, if I have additional time available for more Super Speedy Coaching, I'll announce it there and be waiting by the phone for your call.  :)

6.  As new products and services come available, Supermom's Synergy Circle Members will be eligible for the deepest discounts available.

I'm also open to letting the group evolve according to the needs of the members.  So, additional services and benefits may come as I get to know you all and learn more about how I can help *you* best.

Supermom's Synergy Circle is going to give you so many connection points and so much support!  You are going to love it and I am going to love getting to spend more time with each of you!  This is something I have said for years I wished I could do, and now it is here and I am really excited about that.  

To learn more details about the program, click here!  Ready to join us?  Click here!

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