Vanilla is BACK, Christmas Specials, and more!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Did you think I forgot about you?  What with every other business under the sun peppering your inbox with sales and special offers, you probably thought I didn't even care.  ;)

Well, honestly, I just don't like to jump right into SELL SELL SELL when my Thanksgiving dinner hasn't even had time to settle.  I love the coziness of this time of year and wanted to just savor it.  

And so I did.  :)

I have new product news, and some special deals for you as well.


1.  Vanilla is back!  Since the last batch of pure double-strength Madagascar vanilla extract was so wonderful, I made more, except I got fancy about it.  This time around you can choose from the same great traditional vanilla, an organic vanilla, or a Kentucky bourbon vanilla!  Quantities are limited (especially on the organic and bourbon varieties) so get your order in quick!  These look beautiful and make a great gift!

2.  No-Lice Spray is back!  I had some of my regular customers getting worried when they saw that our herbal head lice repellent spray was out of stock for so long.  I've got a fresh batch ready to go, PLUS a special deal for you!  I have a limited number of scratch-and-dent bottles that I don't want to waste, so I'm offer these (with totally fresh, new spray in them) at a nice discount.  If you don't care about a pretty bottle, this will save you a good chunk of change!  Now is the time to make sure you are covered so your kiddos don't come home from school, church, or activities with the cooties.  :)

3.  Quantities on everything are limited right now.  Tis the season when I try to clear the shelves here.  Not only does the IRS tax me on any income I earn, but they also tax me on all of the inventory left on my shelves at the end of the year!  :(  So, I won't be getting any more product in stock until January.  We have plenty of most things here, though some are already sold out or we may have just one or two of some things left in stock.  If you want to order, do it soon, and I'll give priority on a first-ordered-first-served basis.

Now onto the sale and special offers:

Due to the change in policy for our biggest source for products, I'm not able to offer any price reductions that aren't authorized, which means I have to get creative with my special offers.  Here's what I've got for you:

Here's how it works:  Place your order anytime this month, and I'll email you a gift voucher for 20% of the product total.  You can use it just like cash when you make a purchase at Supermom's in the new year!  The only item that isn't included in the 20% off is the vanilla.  That's already priced as bargain as I can make it.  :)

I'll have to do the gift vouchers personally, so give me a day or two to get it to you, ok?  :)

2.  Every purchase this month gets you a FREE copy of my ebook Supermom's Favorite Family Recipes for the Hurried, Harried, and Hungry!  This books has lots of great crock pot and cozy recipes that you will enjoy making (and eating!) this winter.  Retail price is $12.99, but I'll email you a copy for free! (Give me a day or so to get this done, ok?)  Read all about this ebook here.

3.  Free for all:  My oldest son and I have a little business in the homeschool realm, and we have a Christmas freebie there that is available to you (and everyone!).  Please help yourself and enjoy.  :)  Clickety click.

4.  Free Shipping within the USA on all orders of at least $30!  We use Priority Mail, so you'll get it fast.  Normally orders go out within 24 hours.

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