Tis the season...for dry skin!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's dry skin season again! Between cooking, cleaning, the bathroom, kids, and a dog, I must wash my hands dozens of times every day. It's great to have clean hands, but it sure does dry out my skin in the winter months!

So I'm back on with my love affair with the All Natural Lotion Bar. I avoid chemical hand lotions (which includes almost everything on the market) and I'm quite sensitive to fake scented stuff. Plus, with needing to be at the computer, take care of contact lenses, and everything else in a day, I don't like having my hands all goopy.

The All Natural Lotion Bar is a stick (sort of like a deodorant tube) that allows you to rub lotion wherever you need it. Right now the backs of my hands and in between my fingers are the dry spots, so I can rub lotion right on without getting my fingertips touched, so I can keep on typing or doing whatever else I want to do without any interruption.

All natural ingredients and a light, pleasant, natural scent. Just my kind of thing! You can find it at the store here.

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