Why I recommend Sweet Leaf Stevia over all the others

Monday, November 03, 2008

I've been selling Sweet Leaf Stevia in my health and wellness business since I opened it, and I love using it in my own home. Sometimes people ask me why I don't sell other brands of stevia. Here's why:

Sweet Leaf Stevia has a ZERO glycemic index, NO carbs, and ZERO calories. There are some other brands with stevia products that are also zero glycemic index, but not all others are. Sweet Leaf is the best tasting stevia I have ever used. I have had people tell me that they like NuNaturals brand stevia, so I decided to check that out as well. Unfortunately, the NuNaturals products contained a lot of additives such as alcohol, corn derivatives, and more, so I do not use or recommend any of those. Sweet Leaf brand is a pure stevia, does not have fillers, has no alcohol in it, and so on.

Factors to be considered for stevia products:

How is the stevia extracted from the plant?
Sweet Leaf uses only pure water in their extraction process.
Other companies use alcohol, ethanol, and other methods that are not safe, healthy, or pure.

What additives are used in the powdered stevia?
Sweet Leaf uses inulin fiber in their Stevia Plus products, and no additives in the plain stevia powder or liquids. The inulin fiber is a safe way to add some weight to the stevia (otherwise it is very, very light and a little hard to use because of the very small amount needed) and is a benefit to people that want a little extra fiber in their diets.
Other brands add dextrose, maltodextrin, and many other products.

Where does the stevia originate? (Where is it grown)
Sweet Leaf stevia is grown exclusively in South America. Usually Paraguay.
Other companies get a lesser quality stevia from China.

I can tell you that from a taste standpoint Sweet Leaf Stevia is a winner with me, far above the other types I've tested out. To me it seems that the quality and commitment to making a really pure, healthy product pays off with an outstanding product. :)


Lisa @Me and My House said...


Thanks for providing the info on how other companies are processing Stevia. We have used the straight cut and sifted herb for many years, but recently began using the Sweet Leaf drops some. I hadn't looked into what other companies were doing, but just recommending Sweet Leaf.

I've posted a link to your article for my readers to get this info from your article.

Lisa @ Me and My House

Christy, the Notable Blogger said...

Thank you for this information. We have not yet started using stevia, so I'm sort of in the preschool stages of learning about it. Your site is helpful, and I am forwarding it to my family. Thanks!