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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of my class members sent this to me. I thought that some of you would appreciate knowing how this works for her family:

For my husband who is "diehard" about his southern sweet tea, I've found that using 3/4 cup sugar and 5 dropperfuls of plain stevia to a gallon of tea to be perfect, especially if it sits overnight! This has really cut down on the sugar. Before stevia, I used a lot of splenda or almost 2 cups of sugar to a gallon of tea. (
I tried cutting the sugar back to 1/2 cup and using more stevia, but at that point, it seemed to lose the sugar sweet taste.)

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Anonymous said...

I haven't made major changes for us - mostly because I already do a lot of healthy things, BUT the lemonade was a great thing! I have wanted to cut out our milk intake (not dairy altogether though because cultured dairy is awesome) and had already found, but your support and thoughts really has helped me get over the milk "myth." I no longer think we need milk at every meal! We were drinking 2 gallons a week - I think I'll buy one gallon of the organic (and try to find unhomogonized), the pasteurization I'll deal with. THANK YOU for offering your wealth on info in such a laid back way! I'm eager to learn about replacing sugar in baking...
Krista H.