Price Increase on Stevia Coming Soon

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got a surprise this week when my newest order of stevia arrived. There had been an unannounced price increase. (which was right after an increase last year) Unfortunately, this is very common these days with the way the economy is going. I will be needing to increase my prices too, but wanted to give you all some fair warning (and explanation) before I do.

I will have to increase my price on all 2 ounce stevia to $14.99 on January 22. I will honor my current price up until then.

I think I have every single flavor of stevia in stock right now. Plain 2 ounce stevia is already sold out, but I do have 4 ounce stevia in stock. The price will be going up on that as well, so it is an extra good deal to get the 4 ounce size.

I love to keep my prices as low as I can. Thankfully, for as far as one bottle of stevia will go, it is still a great deal even at the new price! That value combined with zero calories, zero glycemix index, and zero carbs makes it even better! :) Good stuff.

P.S. Stevia tabs are still not available. The company is reformulating those and the release date for the improved version is not known. I'll have them here just as soon as possible.

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