I Love Peppermint Tea!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

One of the things I am enjoying so much right now is peppermint tea! There are many ways to make it, but here is the super-easy way I have made it lately:

Using our 10 cup coffee maker, I put 4 peppermint tea bags in the filter basket, fill up the water area with distilled water, and brew. Later add 3 droppers full of Peppermint stevia to sweeten. Enjoy cold and so refreshing! You can keep it in a pitcher in the fridge.

Easy, economical, perfect for the rising temperatures, virtually no calories, and a whole food! (yes! Did you know that about peppermint tea?)

I want you to give this recipe a try, so I'm keeping Peppermint Stevia on sale for this week! It is wonderful.

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