Amazon Deal: Nature's Path Heritage O's Cereal

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heritage O's is one of my favorite healthy cereals. I've never been a fan of Cheerios, but I love these crunchy, flavorful o's that don't get soggy two minutes after they get wet!  I normally spend almost $10 for this same size bag when I buy them at Whole Foods, so I was really excited to see this great price from amazon!  You get *six* of the big 32 ounce bags of Heritage O's for $38.40 when you use the subscribe and save option, PLUS you get free shipping!  That's only $6.40 per bag, which is a much better price than I've ever gotten it at, even on sale in stores.

To use subscribe and save, it's very easy:  Over on the right side you choose the Subscribe and Save option (instead of One-Time Delivery) and you indicate how often you would want to receive an automatic shipment of the item.  If you aren't sure you even want to get it again, that's ok!  Choose the 6 months option to give yourself some time.  Later you can cancel your order, adjust it to come sooner or later, skip a shipment, or have an extra shipment come sooner if you need it.  There is no obligation to continue to get subscribe and save options, so if you aren't sure, don't worry, and get that extra percentage off and the free shipping!  I get great deals this way on amazon all the time, and it saves me a lot of time.

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