I Need Your Feedback on This

Thursday, May 17, 2012

When I started my business years ago I decided to offer a few products that I found difficult to find locally but felt were the best in quality and price.  SweetLeaf stevia was one of those items.  I strongly believe in the quality and value of the product, and I enjoy using it in my home regularly.  What I've noticed more and more is that SweetLeaf Stevia has gotten a lot more mainstream.  I now see it at Kroger and Walmart, and you can also get it from amazon for a lower price than I can normally sell it for, plus free shipping!

I'm wondering if the time has come for me to liquidate my current inventory of SweetLeaf Stevia and stop offering it through the store.  What do you think?  I don't know if others are also finding these products in local stores, or if you have any issues with shopping at amazon.

My goal with what I offer isn't to try to wrangle you into buying everything from me.  The idea was always to help you conveniently get items that are really good, and not necessarily easy to find in your local area.  I will continue to recommend SweetLeaf Stevia regardless of whether or not I personally sell it.  I just don't know that it is continuing to serve you for me to keep it on the shelves.

Your thoughts?


Laura said...

I started using stevia, thanks to you, I guess it was about 4 years ago. I, too, have been able to find it locally for decent prices. So, I have to admit that is how I buy it now. If it isn't benefiting you in any way, definitely stop carrying it in your inventory.

But, please keep doing what you do! I learned so much from your healthy eating class way back when and my kids are still loving the Healthy Lemonade!

Jill in Kentucky said...

I don't use a lot, so what I have has lasted a long time, but I see it around various places and think that maybe it is something that you don't need to continue stocking. I buy stuff from Amazon all the time, but I also shop local a lot. But, I see stevia at local places [kike Kountry Kupboard] and have seen it pretty reasonable at Whole Foods. FWIW.

Christy Lube said...

I buy my stevia locally, also.