Getting Rid of Ants

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We have had an ant problem at our house for as long as we've lived here. (8 years) Every spring they suddenly turn up on the counters, and we fight them until winter. Last year we got so desperate that we actually used ant killer spray around the outside of the house because the problem just seemed to be getting worse.

I wanted to tell you, though, that what we have actually had the most success with is a cheap and easy homemade ant killer.

You just mix equal parts of sugar and Borax, and then sprinkle wherever the ants go. (in a dry location) For a day or two you will see a large increase in the amount of ants coming to eat this stuff up, but very soon thereafter it'll slow way down to nil.

I like this method so much better than a lot of other options. It's easy to make. I don't worry about it around the kids. (although I wouldn't use it around babies or little ones that aren't old enough to know to leave it alone) For now, it makes for great entertainment for my 5-8 year olds who like to watch all the ants come to eat. :)

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