We Haven't Starved Yet

Saturday, April 12, 2008

So we've been working on our No MSG quest (we meaning, me, myself, and I--of course!) for a few days now and I am happy to report that nobody has gone hungry.

I have been able to relax a little bit, going ahead and using up the regular foods that we already had opened pre-quest, even though they aren't perfect. I figure that this buys me some time to just work on finding replacements for the things that we're out of, and later I can work on the other stuff. It is getting kind of routine for the kids to ask for something (ie: right now they are eating the leftover ice cream from a birthday party awhile back) and me to tell them yes, followed by a comment that goes something like this: "Enjoy it because it might be the last time we ever have that in this house." They look at me with some fear at that point, and I just smile and tell them that I'm sure (SURE!!) that we will be able to find a suitable substitute. :)

I did go through my pantry and bagged up every baddy-cat food that hadn't yet been opened, and actually returned it all to the store. There weren't very many of those, fortunately, but what there was I knew I didn't want to use and would much rather have the money to spend on salad stuff. :)

Right now we are in the midst of getting ready for my husband's parents to visit us from out of state, so I don't have the time to share every recipe that we're using to live :) but maybe after that I *might*. (many of them are in my ebooks, anyhow, so probably a lot of you already have those) Big, fat salads are definitely on my food agenda every day, and that makes me feel like I'm taking good care of myself, which is a plus.

In case any of you are wondering if I came up with any brilliant recipes for the bread-gone-wrong, the answer is no. (not for lack of information, I'm sure. Just for lack of time to work on that particular project.) The kids have eaten most of it, some remaining pieces were turned into French Toast for tonite's dinner, and the rest will probably end up as bread crumbs, which is a worthy and noble end for unloved bread. :)

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