Who Wants to Wheel and Deal?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hey folks,

As some of you may already know, I'm discontinuing some products that haven't been strong sellers, so that I can have space to bring in more NEW products.

Right now I am down to a small selection of a few things and am wondering if any of you would like to wheel and deal with me.....

Here's the plan: I'm posting these items at wholesale prices just here on the blog. If you want any of this stuff, email me at supermom@supermomshealthandwellness.com with Wheel and Deal in the subject line, telling me what you want and how many of each you would like. (do NOT go through the regular shopping cart) You get these great prices, but will be paying actual shipping instead of the usual flat $6.95. For some of you that might mean you pay less, and for those of you that choose heavier items or live farther away, it might mean you pay more. I want to let these go at low prices, but I can't lose money on the shipping. So, I'll scratch your back with rock bottom prices, and you can pay your own shipping. :)

You will be able to pay by paypal or credit/debit card once we figure out your total.

If you want to purchase any regular items along with these bargains, just let me know in your email.

Here's one little Pretty Please for you folks: Please only email me with your order if you are ready to commit to it. I am starting homeschooling with my children tomorrow, so I really, truly do not have time to figure out shipping costs, get back to you, and then have you change your mind. I am going to pack up your order once, weigh it once, and plan to get paid and ship it out once. :) I hope you know that I don't mean to be rude--I just have to be realistic about what I can do in light of all of my other responsibilities.

I can tell you that I use Priority Mail service most of the time, but will also be able to let you know what the Parcel Post rates are in case you prefer that. I have both sizes of flat rate boxes available for larger or heavier orders. The regular flat rate box mails for a little more than $9. The bigger one mails for a little more than $12, I think.

Teeccino: Canisters now $5.25, Sample Packets just $1 each
Vanilla Nut Teeccino--just 3 sample packets
Java Teeccino--just 2 sample packets
Maya Caffe Teeccino--just 1 canister left, and 7 sample packets

Baby Ganics--all varieties
All-Purpose Cleaner $4 each
Floor Cleaner Concentrate $5 each
Glass and Surface Cleaner $4 each
Tub and Tile Cleaner $4.50 each

Handmade Soaps (these are AWESOME! My family loves these. They are also great for little gifts. Stock up for Christmas.) $3 each

Herbal Lavender--just 1 left
Coconut Almond Fudge--just 1 left
Peppermint Shaving Soap tin--just 3 left (these never even made it to the site for some reason, but are great for guys who like to shave with soap-in-a-tin and a shaving brush!)
Shaving Brush with fine bristles and wooden handle--very nice--just 1 left $8
Goat Milk Peppermint-just 1 left
Goat Milk Lavender--just 2 left
Goat Milk Hyacinth--just 2 left
Peppermint Shampoo Bar--6 left
Scrappy's Choice Dog Shampoo--4 left
Unscented All-Vegetable Soap--5 left
Herbal Kitchen--3 left
Lively Lemon--4 left

Teas: Boxes of tea bags are now $4, Canisters of Instant Tea are $5.50

Rooibos tea bags--2 boxes left
Yerba Mate Royale Chai Tea bags--3 boxes left
Yerba Mate Royale Vanilla tea bags--7 left
Yerba Mate Royale Instant tea canister--3 left

Vegan Laundry Detergent Kits are now $4.50 (just 4 left)
Regular Laundry Detergent Kits are now $4.50 (just 3 left)
scents available for either type of kit: peppermint or unscented

Sweet Leaf Stevia Plus 100 count packets on clearance for $8

Larabars on clearance for $1.20 each
Pistachio- 5 left
Banana Cookie- 4 left
Cashew Cookie- 7 left
Cocoa Mole- 9 left
Pecan Pie- 5 left

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: I've got lots of Spring 2008 and Summer 2008 issues here. I'd be happy to send you as many of each as you'd like, for free, since you're already paying the shipping on your total order.

I also have free Sonlight catalogs for any of you that want those. Just let me know how many you want. :)

I will try to update this list as things sell, depending on whether or not I have time. Hopefully I'll be too busy reading to my kids and packing up your orders. ;)

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