Healthy Lemonade Recipe

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The number one most beloved recipe that I share with people is the one for Healthy Lemonade. It is super easy to make, so SO good for you! Why?

Drinking this lemonade helps prevent kidney stones, gall stones, and cleans out your liver. It is also very beneficial for your overall immune system.

Most people know they should be drinking more water, but sometimes they complain that they don't like the taste or want to have a flavored drink. Healthy Lemonade is the best of both worlds. It gives you all the benefits of drinking water, PLUS the extra benefits of the fresh lemon juice. Even HEALTHIER than just drinking water! :)

Here's how to make it:

Squeeze the juice from two fresh lemons. (I use a regular hand twist juicer that cost about $2.50, but a nice electric citrus juicer is great too)

Pour the lemon juice into a two quart pitcher. You can add in the pulp if you like it, or leave it out if you don't.

Fill the pitcher up with water. Then add approximately 3-4 droppers full of Sweet Leaf Stevia to sweeten it to taste. (some people only need two droppers, some like it sweeter. Start with less, stir, and taste to see how much you need. Stevia starts to taste bad when you get too much, so go slow!) You can use the plain Stevia Clear, or use a flavor such as Lemon Drop, Grape, Valencia Orange, or the brand new Berry flavor if you or your children would enjoy something with a fruity flavor. All of them are delicious!

Sweet Leaf Stevia is a pure herbal sweetener that has zero carbs, zero calories, and zero impact on your blood sugar, so it's safe for diabetics as well as a wonderful choice for people wanting to lose weight. Stevia is natural, NOT an artificial sweetener. Sweet Leaf is the only brand of stevia that I recommend, for many reasons. You can read more about this here.

An entire two quart pitcher of Healthy Lemonade has only 25 calories in it, thanks to the lemon juice! I get comments from customers all the time telling me how much they and their families love this healthy lemonade. Try it--it's goooood! :)

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