Christmas Sales and Specials

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

For any of you that have been receiving my newsletters or have been doing business with me, you know that I don't do the hard sell. The Christmas buying season is no different. It holds no appeal to me to bombard you with one pushy sales letter after another, offering bigger and better discounts each week, making you feel upset that you missed out on a better deal by buying early. As a customer and consumer, I really hate stuff like that, and as a business owner, it's just not how I do things, even if I could possibly make more money by being obnoxious. No thanks. Not worth it. :) I value my relationship with all of you too much to act like that.

What I do want to do for the rest of this year is offer you good deals as I am able to, to provide fast and friendly service, and to be fair and treat each of you as I would want to be treated.

There isn't a huge profit margin with most of what we sell, so our sales may not be as flashy as some, but they are honest and we can offer them while also being able to stay in business. :)

If there is a product you wish you could buy from Supermom's Health and Wellness, or an item that you are hoping to see on sale, please share your ideas in the comments section. I'll see what I can do to make your Christmas wishes come true. :)


Anonymous said...

i live in ontario.Do i pay the shipping and handling once it gets here?

Erica/Supermom said...

The only international orders I do anymore are to Canada. I figure out the shipping and you pay that before I mail out your items. If there are any additional costs on your end of things, you handle that. :)