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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Last year was the first time I got to buy truly raw almonds. Boy were they goooood! Most people do not realize how important it is to get raw almonds. When nuts are raw they contain powerful enzymes and nutrients that benefit your body and your health! Unfortunately, any almonds you find in a store will have been pasteurized (heated) to the extent that the enzymes and nutrients have been damaged or destroyed. Thankfully there is an allowance in the pasteurization law so that we can purchased truly raw almonds direct from a farmer in limited quantities. (up to 100 pounds per person per day) This is how we are legally obtaining these fabulous almonds again this year!

Are the almonds in their shell?
No way! Wouldn't that be a nightmare?! (sitting around the kitchen table shelling and shelling and shelling til 2011.....) These almonds are out of the shell and ready to eat when you get them.

Do raw almonds look or taste different from regular almonds?
Raw almonds look just like other untoasted, unsalted almonds you could find in a store. Since these are fresh, they taste better than the nuts sitting on the shelves at the store. :)

How do I use raw almonds?
They are great just like any almonds you would ever use. For those of us that like to keep our almonds raw, for the greatest health benefit, it is ideal to soak them in pure water overnight, and then dehydrate at a low temp (90-100 degrees) until dry. I typically soak most of our almonds before eating them, because the soaking releases more of the plant enzymes within the almond. (you know how sometimes when gardening there will be seeds that need to soak overnight before planting? This is the same idea! You get the germination process going, and that's extra good for your body, plus makes nuts easier to digest.)

Some people like to make their own almond milk. (recipe coming soon) Others turn them into crunchy snack mixes and delicious treats. There are a lot of possibilities, and with the high amount of protein and low amount of fat, almonds are a nut worth getting comfortable with!

I will be posting some of my favorite raw almond recipes soon. They are all very yummy, even for people that are not typically into healthy food. :)

So how many almonds is it if I order 10 pounds?
I have found that 5 pounds of almonds generally fills a gallon zip-loc bag. So, two big bags of almonds equals ten pounds. Yum!

Can I order less than 10 pounds?
Sorry, not from me. I try to keep things simple, and working with 10-pound increments is what seems will work best for this year. See if you can find a friend to split a 10-pound order with you. :)

How long do I have to order?
I'm placing an initial order during the first week of November. It is possible that I may place another order later in the month. The sooner you get your order in, the better.

How do I order?
Clickety click right here! You can pay with credit or debit card or paypal.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is $6.95 within the USA, for any amount of almonds you order!

How soon will I get my almonds?
You should have them within a month of placing your order, but hopefully even sooner than that.

How do you ship the almonds?
I'll be shipping them through the US Postal Service. I will line the box with a plastic bag and the almonds will be inside. This method allows us to fit ten pounds of almonds inside flat rate boxes, which make it much more economical to mail.

Do you have any other questions about raw almonds? Leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer quickly!

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