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Monday, November 22, 2010

Weird things happen when you're up til 3:30am.
(which I am)
I've been meaning to get the store sale up and running for a week now, and tonite I decided to pull a super late night and get it done.
Sometimes when you stay up super late your judgment gets a little goofy. I set several sale prices, and then decided to throw caution to the wind and lower them even more! I think you will like that and hope that I set up sales in the middle of the night more often. :)
Here's a list of just some of the good deals I've got for you:
There are even more sale items, and you can see them all here. We have new toothpaste at a great price, and most Miessence products are on sale.
Just a few additional pieces of information for you:
Quantities are limited, and it is possible that I will not be getting any more of these products in stock until January. I have to take inventory at the end of the year and get taxed based on what is sitting on the shelves, so rather than pay money to the government for what didn't sell, I'm passing on great savings to you and giving you the benefit of stocking up. :) Ideally, my shelves should be as close to bare as possible on Dec. 31. Go ahead and order what you'd like to get, and if I am unable to fill it, I'll let you know ASAP.
Some of these items are not going to be replaced. I have a limited amount of space for inventory, and I like to use it for products that sell fast. Everything I offer in the store is a product I think is great, but sometimes, for whatever reason, they are slow to sell. When that happens, I sell out and don't look back. All of that to say, if you want something on this list, get it now, because I may not have it available later. (Stevia products are staying around, and the vitamins are safe, but many of the rest of the items are being considered for discontinuation.)
Last day to place an order before Christmas is December 15. Priority Mail should still come through for your deliveries in time for Christmas at that point. I will be taking some time off to spend Christmas with my family, and I may or may not have one last hurrah sale before the end of the year.
Don't miss the great gift-giving goodies like handmade soap and all-natural lip balms!
We still have almonds available, and a small amount of walnuts. After that, we're probably gonna call it quits on the nut orders for this year.
My eyes are blurry and my brain is moosh. 4:15am. Let the savings begin!
I could use a long winter's nap,
Erica Johns
Supermom's Health and Wellness

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