Healthy Hot Cocoa

Saturday, October 01, 2011

It was a chilly day at my son's football game this morning, so when we got home my boys were clamoring for some homemade hot cocoa. My happy discovery of coconut sugar has made so many of my regular, non-healthy favorites possible to make in a healthy way, and BOY AM I HAPPY ABOUT THAT! :)

So today, I bring you the Healthy Hot Chocolate recipe:

3 cups milk (you can use rice, almond, coconut, or regular milk as you wish)
half a cup water

Heat the liquids either on the stove top, stirring often to avoid the milk scorching on the bottom of the pan. Or if you are not opposed to using a microwave, just microwave the liquids for three minutes or so and avoid the scorching issue altogether.

Add to the warm liquid:

3 tablespoons cocoa, cacao, or carob powder
a dash of sea salt
two-thirds cup of coconut sugar

Whisk it up and enjoy!

I'm back to avoiding sugar, so I am glad I can make this in time for cold weather! :)


Susie said...

Can you tell us more about coconut sugar? Price is sometimes prohibitive for me. That seems like a LOT of coconut sugar for only 3 cups of milk. Do you have any more info on this? I'm a huge fan of coconut oil and coconut milk.

Supermom said...

Hey Susie! I'm going to write a post soon about coconut sugar. I use it in place of white and brown sugar in just about everything now and it hasn't failed me yet.

Yes, it is more expensive than white sugar, so you have to figure out how that will work for you. I get mine from Amazon using Subscribe & Save so I get free shipping and an additional 15% off, which sure helps.

The regular recipe for the hot cocoa called for a third cup of sugar, but I found that the coconut sugar didn't quite make the taste awesome til we hit almost two-thirds. Your taste buds may allow you to use less.

Hot cocoa is a treat here. I wouldn't make this every day. :)

OK....I guess I better go write that post about coconut sugar now!

Wendy said...

Do you have a recipe for dry cocoa mix that you simply add either warm water or milk to make the cocoa?