The Wonders of Coconut Sugar

Thursday, October 06, 2011

To say I am excited about coconut sugar would be an understatement. This wonderful product has allowed me to be able to "healthify" SO many more recipes without sacrificing a bit of taste or convenience. I am in Love!

Coconut sugar isn't actually a sugar at all. It comes from the sap contained in coconut flour buds. The sap is cooked, the liquid evaporates off, and the crystals are ground up into sugar. (actually, you can get coconut sugar in various forms, but the crystallized kind is what I am used to using) It is sometimes also called Coconut Palm Sugar and a few other names.

Basically, coconut sugar is a form of coconut and is considered a whole food. It has a low glycemic index of 35, so it's a great thing for anyone trying to lose weight and for diabetics. It is very high in minerals and macronutrients that our bodies need, too!

It's super easy to use: You use it in place of white or brown sugar in any recipe, at the same amount of other sugars that were called for, and you don't have to change the baking temp. either. IT DOESN'T GET ANY EASIER THAN THIS, PEOPLE! :)

I buy my coconut sugar from amazon. If you use the Subscribe & Save option you get an additional 15% off the regular price PLUS free shipping! Yes, you have to get six bags of it at once, but they will keep in your pantry so you will just be glad to be stocked up! :)

As you will see, coconut sugar is not cheap like white sugar. For me, when I compare homemade goodies to store-bought ones, even with the coconut sugar going into the homemade ones, it's still cheaper than a package of cookies from the store shelf. When I consider that I'm getting extra nutrients, I'm eating something that isn't going to lower my immune system and help me get sick (and then I'll have to buy stuff to take to combat the sickness), PLUS it isn't contributing to extra weight that I'll regret, it is worth it to me. Your feelings on this may vary. :)

You can read more in-depth information about coconut sugar here.

The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute released the following information about their analysis of nutritive values found in coconut sugar:

Macro-nutrients (mg / l – ppm, dry)Coconut SugarBrown SugarRefined White Sugar
Nitrogen (N)20201000
Phosphorus (P)790300.7
Potassium (K)10,30065025
Calcium (Ca)6024060
Magnesium (Mg)2907010
Sodium (Na)4502010
Chlorine (Cl)4700180100
Sulfur (S)26013020
Boron (B)600
Zinc (Zn)2121.2
Manganese (Mn)120
Iron (Fe)220.60.6
Copper (Cu)212.61.2
Source: COMPARISON OF THE ELEMENTAL CONTENT OF 3 SOURCES OF EDIBLE SUGAR - Analyzed by PCA-TAL, Sept. 11, 2000. (MI Secretaria et al, 2003) in parts per million (ppm or mg/li)

Health Attributes of Coconut Sugar Nutrients
Macro-nutrientsHealth benefits provided by these nutrients
Nitrogen (N)help treat cardiovascular diseases
Phosphorus (P)important for bone growth, kidney functions and cell growth
Potassium (K)reduces hypertension, helps regulate blood sugar, helps control cholesterol levels and weight
Calcium (Ca)vital for strong bone and teeth, and for muscle growth
Magnesium (Mg)essential for metabolism, nerves and stimulates the brain (memory)
Sodium (Na)plays a key role in the functioning of nerves and muscles
Chlorine (Cl)corrects the pressure of body fluids and balance the nervous system
Sulfur (S)important for healthy hair, skin and nails, also helps maintain oxygen balance for proper brain function.
Boron (B)essential for healthy bone and joint function, enhances body's ability to absorb calcium and magnesium
Zinc (Zn)called the "nutrient of intelligence" is necessary for mental development
Manganese (Mn)has antioxidant, free-radical-fighting properties, is important for proper food digestion and for normal bone structure
Iron (Fe)vital for the quality of blood, mental development and the immune system
Copper (Cu)helps to release energy, helps in melanin production in the skin, helps in the production of red blood cells and aid in the absorption and transport of iron

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Jesse said...

I've just started using coconut sugar in the last few months too. It is amazing! Between that and honey, I have no need for white sugar at all. Finally, something that doesn't require a lot of "tweaking" and is still super healthy!