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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My children at our annual visit to The Southern Lights.  They are a fun bunch of kids!  :)

Hello friends!

I hope that your Christmas was beautiful, meaningful, and fun.  We had a very good time visiting with extended family, both local ones and the ones that traveled from as far away as Florida and Massachusetts!  Today my children are enjoying their new gifts.  I have two boys working on their new world map puzzles, and a few others are asking for me to join them in playing their new Clue game.  :)  Never a dull moment here!

There are just a few more days before the end of the year, so of course our inventory reduction sale will continue since I'd rather give significant savings to YOU than pay taxes on stuff just sitting on the shelves.  So, enjoy these savings while they last.  On January 1 prices will be going back to normal.  You can see all sale items here.  

I would like to sweeten the deal even more by offering you a special gift.  Anyone placing a $100 order can also opt to get a FREE bottle of the delicious Vanilla Extract that I have available!  I just have a handful of these available, so this is a very limited offer.  You'll need to add the free vanilla to your shopping cart.  All of the details are here.

Cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pecans are all still available, though at very limited quantities now.  The pecans we got from South Carolina were absolutely awesome.  I am getting one final order of these for the season, so if you want some, speak now!  :)  I lowered the pecans to 3 pound increments because they fit better in a gallon bag, so for those of you that didn't need a full 5 pounds, this is your chance!  :)  

Have you seen this article about the treatment of Whooping Cough with vitamin C therapy?  Worth a read!  This is the sort of thing that I so often come across and share on our facebook page.  If you have not yet joined me there, please do!

This recipe for Hot Cranberry Cider was a nice addition to our Christmas brunch and is soothing if you are chilled or feeling a little bit sick.  Easy to make, too!

Stay cozy, my friends!

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