How to Make Nut Milk

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Since we've been blessed with a supply of truly raw almonds, I've enjoyed learning how to make almond milk at home.  I've also done this with cashews and it works very well.

Soak one cup of raw nuts in about 3 cups of pure water overnight.
In the morning drain off the water.
Place your soaked nuts plus a fresh 3-4 cups of pure water into your high speed blender, vita mix, or whatever you have.
Whiz it up really well, then strain off the pulp.  Voila!  Nut milk!

If you prefer your milk to be sweeter you can also soak 3 dates with your nuts overnight and whiz them up in your blender as well.  You could also add pure maple syrup or pure vanilla extract.

Very economical and only takes a few minutes!  I use the nut milk in our smoothies, which works great.  Leftovers store in a glass jar in the fridge for several days.  I have even used nut milk instead of cow milk in various recipes without any problem.

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