I've hired a personal trainer

Friday, February 06, 2009

She's my 12 year old daughter. I pay her a dollar a day to make me do some exercise. :)

Like a lot of you, I don't particularly like to exercise. For that reason I've always got my antenna up for exercise that I can actually enjoy. (because I know I won't do the stuff that I don't like!) Over the years I have found a few at-home exercise programs that I do enjoy, and the next hurdle was making myself actually use the stuff. I started paying my daughter to motivate me to do my exercise each day awhile back, but we'd kind of fallen off the wagon recently. Now we're back on, and she does a great job of getting me going.

Some of my favorite at-home exercise resources:

Leslie Sansone's walk-at-home DVDs. It's basically marching in place, with some side steps, kicks, and arm work thrown in. Much more challenging than a walk around the block, and doesn't take any special equipment or much space at all. Leslie is a friendly face and a good encourager. A 1 mile walk only takes 15 minutes, and 2 miles takes a half hour. She has longer walks available too, though I don't normally take the time to get into those. I get Leslie's DVDs from Netflix because I can switch it out with a new one when I get tired of the same video after awhile.

Joyce Vedral's weight lifting DVDs are really good. Fast Forward is my favorite. This lady is really an inspiration--in her 60s and able to wear a bikini and look great! Light weight lifting is important for bone health and to keep osteoporosis away.

Rebounding is very fun, feels good, and is easy. It is great for your immune system, brain, and cellulite! (woot!) I've got this rebounding DVD and it is pretty fun, and surprisingly challenging. Needak and Reboundair are considered to be the best rebounders for your health. My friend Evie sells the ReboundAIR at her site here.

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