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Friday, February 27, 2009

A wonderful and inspiring video came across my path today, and it made me think of you all. :)
The main point of the message was that I need to remember that I should not only communicate with you guys when I have something big and important to say. Instead, I should remember that this is a relationship between you and me, and it's ok to just say hi and let you in on my regular life.

Truth be told, I have no problem with peeling back the internet layer and letting you in on my regular life. The tricky part is having time to do so! I have had a list of things to share with you here on the blog and in newsletters, and just haven't spent my time that way. (I am trying to get out of the habit of saying "I didn't have time" because I realize I always have time, just make choices about how to spend it!) Between the responsibilities of educating children at home, running the house and businesses, the needs of my family, and dealing with all of the curve balls that life throws my way, sometimes the blogging, newsletters, and communication just don't happen quite as I'd like them to.

Tonite, though, I'm checking in!

We keep having peek-a-boo weather here in central Kentucky. Yesterday we had a beautiful 64 degree day. Today it was in the 40s. I heard that tomorrow we are supposed to get snow. Oy! Thankfully, Kentucky winters are far less brutal than the ones I endured as a child growing up in central New York, but I am still plenty glad to see winter go away when the time comes.

This year my children and I plan to have a BIG garden project. Pumpkins, gourds, corn, and melons are planned for a big space at the top of our hill. Flower gardens are planned for several different areas around our yard. I have an especially exciting plan for sunflowers! :) Most veggies will probably be grown in some self-watering containers that I have my eye on. Oh--and a potato patch is definitely going to happen this year, using the above-the-ground planting method that sounds enticingly easy! (You can laugh at me in August when I am commenting about it not being so easy after all!) I also want to get some sweet onions and some garlic going. And as the seed catalogs keep coming to our mailbox every day, I'm sure our already long list will grow. :)

On the business front, I am extremely excited about a new product line that I am adding! For those of you that have been searching for TRULY safe, organic products for your skin care, you are going to LOVE THIS! I have been extremely impressed with these products for quite some time, and have found no equal to the quality and safety of them anywhere else. I will be telling you more about all of it soon, and I am really looking forward to that!

Later this weekend I'll be sending out a newsletter that will include some nice sale items, so if you haven't already signed up to receive it, be sure to do that right now. The sign up box is to the upper left on this page. :)

A few of my children have been feeling sick this week. The flu is running rampant in our small town. Thankfully, with our arsenal of Berry Well, Ultra Immune, and Winter Breeze, nobody has had any sort of serious illness, and each of them seems to have popped right back into health within a day or so of starting to feel not-so-good. I'm thankful for excellent products that are easy for even the little ones to take!

I am working on a fun surprise for you all that I can hopefully share with you next week. It'll be completely free, and quite inspirational, I think. :)

I'll be in touch with you again soon!

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