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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recently a gal from the online class emailed me to say that she is totally brand new to cooking and was wondering if I had any resources to recommend to her. Here's what I came up with:

I did a google search for basic cooking and found a few sites that look like they might be a help:

This blog is one of my favorites for cooking. She takes tons of photos so you understand what to do every step of the way:
I will say, though, that I find that Pioneer Woman does a bunch of her cooking The Hard Way. (very slow, a lot of fussing, many steps where there needn't be so many, dirtying many pots and pans which I do not have any patience for, etc.) I always redesign those recipes to do it My Way (which is the much, much easier and faster and less annoying way). You will also need to keep an eye open for ways to make those recipes healthier. This isn't a healthy food blog. Sorry.

I also thought of the Joy of Cooking cookbook, which is a classic. They have a web site. not sure how basic it is though:

I got a Betty Crocker cooking back in 1991 when I got married, and it has been one of my favorites. Most general cookbooks tell about pots and pans, what various cooking terminology means, etc. so those are really good for starting out not knowing much. Your library probably has a ton of cookbooks to choose from, so that may be a good resource.

You Tube has a lot of cooking videos that are helpful also.

If you know any older ladies in your neighborhood or church, maybe you could ask them to teach you some things about cooking. Many skilled women are around and find that younger women do not value the domestic talents they have. You'd probably make some lady very happy to be able to share what she's learned. Plus, when you learn from others you can often learn the short cuts and tips that make cooking easier, faster, tastier, and cheaper than if you just follow a cook book.

I hope this helps. Good luck to you on your journey!

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