Father's Day is Coming Soon!

Monday, June 08, 2009

I have had a fun weekend, which included me going with my older kids and some of our church youth group to a work day to earn tickets to the Ichthus Christian music festival which is later this week. A few weeks ago I alertly volunteered to be the girl's chaperone Thursday-Friday since nobody else was available for those days, so then got roped into an 8-4 day of manual labor, plus water fights with teenage boys (Which I am proud to say I eventually WON!). Now I will be home for 3 days this week, and then will be sleeping in a tent with 30,000 teenagers on Thursday night, and listening to music for two days. Call it re-living my youth, I guess. :)

(I have been looking forward to doing things like this with my kids for years and years....I love stuff it!)

This morning I finally added the Father's Day special that I have been thinking up. My husband, Super Dad, inspired the collection because he looooves these products and uses them (or eats them) all the time. Dads need to be strong and healthy, too! Don't they? (What would we do without them?)

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