Raw Yummy-ness with my Kids!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How fun!

Today I had the spontaneous and fun experience of creating a new recipe with my kids!

Since working on eating more raw foods lately, what I've learned over the years seems to have gelled in my brain in a way that has helped it be much easier and more natural for me. I've created new recipes every couple of days, and now I see that my kids have even gotten a flair for raw recipe creation.

It all started with the gRAWnola that I made. I needed to chop it up in the food processor to break up the chunks a bit. Kids started coming by to sample the new cereal, and each of them was enthusiastic about the taste. My 10 year old said that he thought it would be a great lunch if I would mix it up in the food processor with a banana and an apple. We whipped that up and --oooh!-- Wow! It smelled so good! He was delighted. His 9 and 6 year old brothers gladly lined up with their bowls to get some too.

Next came by 16 year old who opted for the granola with a banana, some homemade plain yogurt, and some raw agave nectar. He loved it!

The ten year old came back around for another variation. It included gRAWnola, 1 kiwi, and 1 banana. Another yummy success. :)

I will admit that I had planned kind of a junky lunch for them today, but as it turned out, this was what they ate and they enjoyed it thoroughly. We found that this was very filling, so none of them was able to finish their entire bowl of goodness. No worries! We popped the leftovers into the dehydrator on teflex sheets, so it'll all just be more granola tomorrow. :)

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