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Monday, June 01, 2009

Hi Erica,

What process did you follow for getting off sugar? And do you allow yourself to have some type of sugar (sucanat) or substitute (stevia)? Or do you just use fruits to satisfy the sweet tooth. I would really like to get away from sugar, but could use some ideas for how to do it.



Hi Kathy,

Thanks for writing! What I did for getting off of sugar was to exclude all obvious sugar from my diet (cookies, candy, etc.), plus tried to avoid sugar even as a trace ingredient in other foods, though at times that is not workable for me. (usually if I do not plan ahead and am out someplace) I did (and do) use stevia, honey, and agave nectar for sweeteners, in addition to fruit. As time has gone on I use fewer of these and find that my taste buds have changed to the point where I need and want less sweet stuff most of the time.

An interesting experience happened to me yesterday. I have been eating Jocalat bars (fruit and nuts, mostly raw) as a treat since getting off sugar. I allow myself one per day if I really want a treat. However, I ran out several weeks ago, so have only had fruit, smoothies, and my healthy ice cream type stuff for treats for probably 2 weeks or so. Yesterday I was able to purchase some Jocalat bars and decided to have one on the way home. I was surprised to discover that my favorite flavor seemed almost *too sweet* to me, and the entire bar felt like it would be too much to eat in one sitting. That had never happened to me before! It was really interesting to see how much my taste buds had adjusted to not having sweet treats like that every day.

This was probably my third time in 10 years to get off of sugar, and this time felt easier than ever before. I didn't really have withdrawal symptoms, which may be because I was a little more gradual on the trace ingredient sugar than I have been in the past. Now that I have been eating no sugar for 2.5 months, it feels fairly effortless. (this has been the case in the past as well) I do not feel deprived, and it does not bother me to not have any cake at a birthday party or desserts at a pot luck.

In addition to not eating sugar I have been avoiding white flour as much as possible, and have been increasing the amount of raw fruits, veggies, and nuts that I'm eating. I have lost about a pound a week since getting off sugar, and that is very encouraging as well.

I hope this helps!

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