Goodbye, Sweet Leaf Stevia

Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's talk about Sweet Leaf Stevia.  I have offered Sweet Leaf products for sale on this site since the very beginning.  In my opinion it is the best stevia product on the market, it is the only one I recommend, and I enjoy using it in my own home.  Years ago when I started this business, stevia products were hard to find in stores, so my decision to offer it here was primarily because I wanted you to have access to a product I believed in, and I knew that many of you wouldn't easily find it in your local stores.

Fast-forward to 2012, and you know what?  Sweet Leaf Stevia has really expanded in the marketplace!  Even in my small-town stores I see it on the shelves regularly, plus I see it offered at really great prices through Amazon, Vitacost, etc.  These large businesses have the volume buying (and selling) power that I, as a small business, do not, and therefore they are able to offer much lower prices than I could possibly sell for, and oftentimes you can even get free shipping!  I think that's a great opportunity for you all, and after some serious consideration,  I see it as my time to go ahead and liquidate my current stock of Sweet Leaf Stevia products.  All of the Sweet Leaf Stevia products have been reduced dramatically, in the hopes that you will go ahead and stock up now, and help me clear my shelves.  Please go buy all you want before your favorite flavors are sold out!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to share this product line with you all, since it's one that has been such a benefit to my family for so many years.  I still think it's a great product, and no doubt I will continue to mention it here from time to time.

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