Juice Feast Day 10

Friday, January 27, 2012

My husband watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead yesterday, and today he decided to start a juice fast/feast!  He has some chronic health issues including terrible sinus trouble, so I am hoping he sees a great improvement.  I have believed for years that if he stopped eating dairy that would help, but with his job as a firefighter, he eats away from home 35%+ of the time, so it is not always easy for him to control his diet that well.  This juice feast will give him the opportunity to get a clean slate, food-wise.

As for me, I'm doing well, and down 12 pounds.  It's very rewarding to lose about a pound a day.  In the past it would take me 4-7 days of hard work to lose a pound.  A mighty nice jump start in the weight loss department!

I am told that after day 15 or so weight loss usually slows to half a pound a day or less, so I'm prepared for that, and just enjoying what's happening now.

Doing lots of thinking about what we will be eating whenever the fast comes to an end.  Leaning toward raw vegan, but not sure how realistic that is, or how the kids will accept it.  May need to go for something more middle-ground for them.  Not sure what that will look like yet.

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