Juice Feast Day 14

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today is day 14 for me.  14 pounds gone.  Changed things up today.  Up until yesterday I've done my juicing in the evening.  Last night I was tired and frustrated, so went to bed with the plan to juice this morning.  Have lost the entire morning of homeschooling my kids because of all the hijinks associated with my morning juicing today.  Plus, the green juice I made tastes horrible.  Frustrated.  Angry.  Wondering how realistic it is for a homeschooling mother of six to continue to do this long term.

Thankfully, my day has turned out better than it began!  After I got all of my venting done this morning, I got on with the day, did school with the kids, made two turtle lap books for two of my boys who need them next week, cleaned up some stuff around the house, and got through yet another day of juicing.  I decided to do some prep work for tomorrow's juicing, so now hopefully I'm ahead of the game.  Going to bed soon.  Thankful that I have made it through two weeks of my juice feast, and looking forward to continuing on!

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