Juice Feast Day 2

Friday, January 20, 2012

Woke up feeling calm, peaceful, clear-headed, and not overly hungry.  In fact, I had time to take a shower, do dry skin brushing, and several other-self care things for over an hour after getting up, without needing any juice.  Am now enjoying 8 ounces of apple, pineapple, orange, and grapefruit juice.  So refreshing!

Also, the scale tells me I have lost 3 pounds.  :)

I had a busy day away from home today.  Had to work, go to a birthday party,  and go to Kroger for more veggies.  Was away from home for 4-5 hours. I took my juice with me in a cooler bag, and that worked out really well.  I have continued to have good energy today (better than most normal days), no withdrawal symptoms so far.  Feeling good and excited to see where this adventure will lead!

It is also really interesting to think about how much food I would normally be eating, and how I'm doing just fine with just an 8 ounce glass of juiced goodness every hour or two or so.  In the past when I was eating a high percentage of raw foods I noticed that the high-nutrition food ended up being more filling and satisfying than anything else.  This is a similar experience, except additionally interesting because there isn't really anything in my stomach to make me feel "full."  I guess I don't really feel full, but I feel fine.  Not bothering me.  Probably the only little issue I've had today is, again, just the mental game of seeing or thinking of a food I like, knowing I can't have it today, and not knowing when in the future I will allow myself to have it again.  I keep reminding myself to relax and enjoy the experience and not worry about what the food terrain will look like in the future.  This is all going to work out.

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