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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peggy has been doing great in the class, and she wrote me this after the fabulous call we had on March 6:

I just wanted to thank you and your Mom for tonight's conference call.

I have a page of notes and a new way to look at salads -- salad doesn't mean just lettuce anymore. I honestly never thought of a bowl of raw veggies as "salad".

I have gotten so many ideas and you always answer -- it's like having a personal coach!

I like the Ranch Spritzer salad dressing, I use it on baked potato, too, along with lemon pepper -- don't miss the sour cream & butter that way.

Your Mom is right on target about planning ahead -- that is one of the best things I have learned from you, it is too easy to "justify" the drive through when you are tired and hungry.

And, I want to say again that making just one change a week has made this less overwhelming, it's not all or nothing -- looking back, I see progress (hey, I couldn't even spell whole wheat flour) but it has been gradual enough that the changes will stick --

I can't say thank you enough. Peggy

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