The I-need-a-treat blues

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's been close to three weeks since I stopped eating sugar. I've had a couple of days when I felt bummed about not being able to eat somethign sugary, but mostly have done alright. Today, though, reading some blogs, I came across some very tempting photos of pies and cakes and treats and.....oh my! My tummy did flips of joy, wishing for a bite (or twenty) of those sugary items. Good thing I have a stash of Larabars and Jocalat on hand. These all raw fruit-and-nut bars have helped me get over the I-need-a-treat blues more than a few times. I limit myself to just one a day, but it helps. :)

I used to have them for sale here, but they didn't sell very fast, so I let them sell out and didn't restock. (I have a limited amount of space to keep things in stock, and I don't like stuff that just sits. Pretty much anything I sell has to be a popular item that sells consistently.) Still, I think they're wonderful. You may be able to find them in your local grocery store, and certainly in your health food store. Or you can order them straight from the company. :)

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