Continuing Saga of the No Sugar Diet

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Though I know it probably makes all of you weep (with joy?), I've stopped keeping track of everything I'm eating. I don't have time, and it would also be a mighty boring list. Starting the no-sugar kick in the middle of a two-week grocery shopping period was not a good thing, and by last night I was practically crying myself to sleep because I was so sick of not having anything good to choose from to eat and feeling hungry.

True confessions from Supermom.

Today I got myself organized with a shopping list, got two kinds of raw treats going in the dehydrator, and went to the store. I bought so many fruits and veggies that I got comments about it from the checkout lady. :)

When I was feeling so low last night I was reminded that once again I have not followed my own advice. I have done well at not eating sugar, haven't made a single slip up of what I call "overt sugar" (obvious sugary items that feature sugar as a main ingredient) in well over 10 days. I was extremely inspired by the podcast I did last week with Paula Brake. But then I made up too many rules for myself, and didn't have enough good things to eat instead. That's just a recipe for disaster. Once we get hungry and don't feel like we have a nice variety of healthy choices available, it isn't likely that we can stay on track.

My talk with Paula reminded me once again that our bodies do so well when we give them really good fuel. Judging from all of the Bee Strong and vitamins I sell, I know I'm not the only person that wants (needs!) more energy, health, and vitality these days. Why not start at the source and feed myself stuff that will help my body do those things naturally?

The trick is taking time to establish those habits, to allow ourselves some time to transition into a new way of eating and to feel comfortable letting go of some of our old favorites. (Finding new favorites is a great way to do that, too!)

I am feeling happier (and less hungry) now that I have a nice supply of Larabars and Jocalat, some yummy tomatoes, raw organic agave nectar, wholesome bread from Great Harvest, and many other healthy and delicious goodies that will hopefully keep me afloat in healthier eating land for the next two weeks.

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