The No-Sugar Diet: What I'm Eating (Days 1-3)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hopefully I won't bore you all to tears by sharing what I'm eating while making the break from sugar.

Day One:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a little bit of shredded cheese
Lunch: leftover white bean chili, plus snatched a small piece of french bread pizza that I had made for the kids
Snack: A banana (Fast Food!), some raw almonds
Dinner: Chicken, broccoli, and brown rice
Snack: homemade unsweetened apple sauce
Drinks for the day: water, herbal tea sweetened with stevia

Day Two:
breakfast: fruit smoothie
Snack: homemade unsweetened apple sauce
lunch: salad made of organic greens, some dehydrated goodies, turkey, blue corn chips
Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs
Snack: homemade honey whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter
Drinks for the day: water, herbal tea sweetened with stevia

Day Three:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with some shredded cheese and bits of real cooked ham
Lunch: homemade pizza at our homeschool get together
Dinner: ended up being pizza also
Snacks: honey whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter, 2 oranges
Drinks: Water and herbal tea sweetened with stevia
Not an entirely successful day today, because I am sure I consumed some trace amounts of sugar in the pizza that I ended up with for two meals. (a fluke! This does not normally happen.) However, I'm giving myself a big pat on the back because I passed up cake and ice cream from my child's birthday two days in a row, and didn't so much as lick off my finger when icing got on it! Don't you think that deserves recognition?! :)

I'm not feeling any withdrawal symptoms from this yet, but I assume that I probably will. I did stop off at the store today to stock up on salad greens and some fruit. When I shopped for this two week period I wasn't planning to go off sugar, so I don't have all of the most helpful items on hand, and haven't had/taken time to make any of the healthy snacks that tend to help me get past the first few days off going off of sugar. (I've done this 2 or 3 times over the past decade) Tomorrow I hope to have some time to make a few things that might help. As it stands right now, I've been feeling pretty hungry and feel like there isn't that much to choose from to eat. It's not entirely true, but I get a little tired of eating what's here when I haven't planned for this change in advance.

SO, Tip For The Day: if you are going to try to make a change in your diet, Plan Ahead! It will help you be more successful and minimize the down side to adjusting to what you eat.

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